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  1. Out Of Area
    Just banged out this video featuring some of our biggest dolphin from last year. Some really strong head-shot gaffing on Captain Hunter's part. A few dolphin in this video are over 50, with several in the mid 40's class. Enjoy, share with your buddies, and check out some of my other videos on...
  2. Out Of Area
    Fished just after New Years before going down for some surgery. Headed for some warmer water south of Orange Beach with nothing but blues on the agenda. Found a nice temperature break I had seen on Hilton's and went 2/2 before lunch. Just now getting the video and pics back. -Capt. Woody Woods...
  3. Out Of Area
    While sitting at home on injured/reserved, stuck around the computer long enough to bang out this video of some pretty gnarly blue marlin footage from the past few months. Enjoy and share!
  4. Offshore Reports From Out Of The Area
    We have been fortunate to be a part of one of the best years of blue marlin fishing ever. Today, our guests told us "If we wanted red meat, we would go shoot one of our cows. We came here (from Atlanta) for big marlin." Well ask and ye shall receive. We hooked up to our first blue within 15...
  5. Out Of Area
    Had some of our regular guys in for an 18 hour trip a couple of nights ago. Headed south where we had been whacking them the previous few days, and the fish were a no-show. Woody was running a private boat and things were slow for them, about 15 miles to the south, as well. We both made moves...
1-5 of 5 Results