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  1. Paddle board adventures

    General Discussion
    Hi all my pcola fishing buddies! Still over here in Panama City. Just wanted to check in and post a compilation video of what Ernie, I & the girls have been up to this summer. Most video shot in Panama City Florida. Also included is the famous Hells Bay trail in the Everglades, Port St Joe, Cape...
  2. Paddling for Autism Research

    Off Topic
    My son, Zach has been paddling at number of races this summer to raise money for autism research. The charity is Emerald Coast Autism Society. There is a final push this week and he has face book page linked to first giving. Which allows for easy on line donations. His link is...
  3. Rocky Bayou/Creek Paddleboard Fishing

    Inshore Reports
    Sunday afternoon my buddy Daniel and I loaded up the Bote Boards and headed up to Rocky Bayou. Our plans were to fish the bayou for trout and reds and then paddle our boards up the creek to do alittle freshwater fishing. We put the boards in about 1/2 mile from the creek mouth and paddled around...