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  1. Outback Control Lines Replacement

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    I have a 2012 Outback . The lines aren't broken and they don't look bad, but the yak is 8 years old and new to me. I've bought all the lines I think, but I'm new to these things and dont have a clue where to start. Has anyone actually replaced the rudder control (steering, deploy and retract...
  2. ISO V1 Mirage Drive Chain

    Kayaks for Sale
    Since a lot of people have upgraded to the V2 mirage drive, I am wondering if anyone has spare V1 drive chains laying around they would like to sell. Mine broke on my outback last weekend and am trying to avoid spending $60 apiece for new ones if possible. Thanks, Corey
  3. 2011 Hobie Outback for sale

    Kayaks for Sale
    2011 Hobie Outback for sale. $1400. Rigged for fishing with sailing rudder, turbo fins, anchor trolley, adjustable rod holders, Ram ball mount, seat, paddle, and mirage drive. I have a newer Hobie and haven't used this one much this summer. Awesome kayak. Thanks.
  4. *trade new revo for outback*

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    Two week old 2013 Mirage Revolution 13, Ivory Dune in color. Raffle prize, has blank warranty card. Trade for newish Outback. Call, text or PM two28:2nine7/598oh.
  5. Wtb hobie outback or revo

    Kayaks for Sale
    Looking for a hobie outback or revo for somewhere around 1500 give or take depending on what's included. Figured I'd throw it out there to see if anyone wants to let one go it knows someone who has one for sale!! Thanks for lookin!
  6. WTB : Hobie Mirage Outback

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    looking to buy a well used Hobie outback here is a number i can be reached at 251-406-2828 i would appreciate any help at all :thumbup: thanks!
  7. WTB Hobie Outback/Revo

    Kayaks for Sale
    I'm really interested in getting an outback or revo (I think the sport is a little small). I'm in Gainesville in college till the end of April (GO GATORS!) and then will be moving back to milton/pcola ...but I was wondering if anyone was looking to get rid of theirs at a reasonable price...Can't...