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  1. Blue Water Reports
    Sunday 5/8/16 out of P'cola 0 for 1 on Blue Marlin Hit blue water 5-10 miles SE of the Oriskany and started dragging, it was slick as a baby's butt out there. There was no hard color change, the water just gradually cleaned up. Kept heading ESE looking for something to fish besides open water...
  2. General Scuba Chat
    Hello My husband and I will be visiting Florida for the first time and plan to do 4 dive days in Pensacola (Feb 29 to March 3), provided the weather cooperates. We'll also be in Key West and Key Largo before that. Since we won't be part of a group, I'm worried we may not have the required...
  3. General Discussion
    World Fishing Network released my video on fishing Pensacola Bay. WFN VIDEOS Also check out the giant manta footage I got Sat. on the Oriskany. Manta Rays on Oriskany Reef 9-4-10 on Vimeo
1-3 of 3 Results