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  1. General Discussion
    Contact me at [email protected] if you do not already have a law firm representing your damages against BP and you want to sign up with a large law firm on a contingency basis, no fee or any cost unless they recover money for you. I have retained on contingency the largest plaintiff's...
  2. General Discussion
    While I would be great for some of the eastern closure areas to be reopened before the end of Red Snapper season next week, there is clearly no motivation right now for NOAA to do this since if they had it there way Red snapper would have been closed the entire year. Anyway if this cap becomes...
  3. General Scuba Chat
    I got out Sunday, great water, great vis, lots of fish....why is the fishing ban expanding?!!! Here is the link: Pensacola Dive Report 7-11-10 on Vimeo
  4. General Discussion
    Hello Boaters, this is Trey at SCM. Sorry, but the ramps at Sherman Cove Marina ARE STILL CLOSED. There is NO launching permitted until further notice. Please do not attempt to launch prior to nor after operational hours. The entrance from the Intercoastal Waterway to SCM is boomed off...
  5. General Discussion
    Hey, I'm planning to come down there the week of July 17th and do some fishing and try to catch a few blue crab again, if the oil hasn't shut everything down. This is the video of a song that I wrote for B.P. Any comments about it are welcome, thanks!
1-5 of 5 Results