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  1. Partner to go offshore with in Destin?

    Kayak Forum
    Would anyone like to meet up near Miramar Beach in Destin anytime between April 1st and 4th to go offshore in the kayak for some kings? I need a fishing partner. I am from New Orleans and dont have any friends with a yak and I would like to have someone else out there with me.
  2. My Biggest Red Snapper Offshore Ever! (31 Inches)

    Offshore Reports
    VIDEO OF FISH - Went out the other day with my brother kvartekmedia and luckily it was flat as a pancake. We ended up hitting a hole of ours directly south of Pensacola pass about 20 miles out. From the moment we got there until the moment we left it was on fire. I...
  3. Offshore Trip 8/20 Biggest Triggerfish I've seen and Huge Red Snapper

    Offshore Reports
    Be sure to watch the video if you want to see the trigger fish and Red snapper! We went about 15 miles out of Pensacola pass and anchored on top of an old spot of ours that was a sunken shrimp boat. We ended up catching our limit in Red Snapper, 11 Mingo Snapper, and a nice amount of...
  4. Offshore - Sunday 4/9

    Offshore Reports
    Overall it was a great day on the water for Team Capt'n Daddy! We left from the dock around 5:30 made bait and then we headed out for some Scamp, Mingo, and grouper fishing... Got some nice scamp, lost some great grouper...bubba and Steve Mathews just couldn't pull em out of the rocks! Got a...
  5. Jetski Fishing Offshore

    Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    Hello Everyone! I am an avid Jetski fisherman. I have fished inshore and offshore for the last 4 years across Texas and Louisiana. I have a 2013 Kawasaki Ultra 300 LX rigged for fishing. Fully loaded, she'll run 68 mph on smooth water and I can maintain 35-40 mph in 3-4 ft swells. We will be...
  6. 2000 Scout Cabrio

    Various Items For Sale.
    The closest thing to a new Scout 260 Cabrio you will find. This boat has been rack stored indoor since new. Powered by reliable Yamaha 200 HP OX66 Saltwater Series II Fuel Injected Outboards with approximately 460 hours, however no hour meter is installed. E-tech Sailfish Lift and Lay...
  7. Penn 210 For Sale

    Various Items For Sale.
    I Have a beautiful Penn 210 for sale. Great offshore/trolling reel. Built like a tank. $50 obo thanks 8507125739
  8. Hilton's maps

    Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    Hey y'all I know how to use the Hilton's maps, but what are you generally looking for when you are picking where to go? What conditions are favorable to holding fish? Thanks
  9. 02/21 - Offshore update

    Offshore Reports
    Great day on the water! Seas were expected to be a 2-3 ft swell at 6-7 seconds and they were. A few 4-5ft swells were thrown in for good measure, but was able to make about 20 mph and still stay comfortable and dry. Started off slow with only catching 5 live baits at 7 wrecks in the gulf...I...
  10. 2000 Pursuit 3070 Offshore

    Boats and Boat Parts For Sale
    Going smaller (I know, I know... I'll regret it) Life has gotten to busy to fish and now I'm pulling 5 year olds on tubes. I'm selling my 30" purusit. Details are as follows: 2000 Pursuit 2070 Offshore twin 250 OX66. 437 and 452 hours respectively. Garmin 4208 GPS/bottom machine combo auto...
  11. New to area, Looking to Fish!

    Need A Crew? Need A Ride?
    Hey guys, I recently relocated here from AZ, but did most of my fishing in Southern California. For someone flying solo like me, the California open party boat scene was a good setup. (in another life I worked on several of the boats out there). However, I get the impression here that...
  12. just relocated my boat to Perdido area for summer

    Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    :) Does anyone have any info or advice on summertime fishing for beeliners and scamp? We are new to the area and looking forward to a few months of offshore fishing. Any and all info much appreciated. thanks, John
  13. Offshore Kayak Fishing

    General Discussion
    Looking for a place to camp near fort pickens campground in tents can anyone recommend a place dates wanted are May 24th and 25th memorial day weekend.
  14. Fall/Winter Trolling

    General Discussion
    I live in Panama City and just bought a new Sea Hunt Gamefish 25. I am wondering what there is to troll for right now and where to go?
  15. Any yakkers want to hook up Monday/Tuesday

    Reefs and Wrecks
    A friend and I looking for some Pensacola Snapper action next week. We were hoping to hook up with some other yakkers. Anyone planning on going out those days?
  16. 2 chaos rods with Penn 50 W From Ohio

    Various Items For Sale.
    2 ST 50-100 Stand up one peice Chaos, 6 ft Rods with Stuart Rollers at the tip Plus 5 more rollers VERY GOOD Shape, 2 Penn 50 W Internationals Older Models (One speed) very good working order Ser # D831002, H8212200.All new 100 lb line. $700 for all. I am tired of haulling them back & forth from...
  17. Offshore 4/26-4/28

    Offshore Reports
    First offshore trip of the season for me, and man it was a good one. Me and 5 friends meet up with Capt. Jamie Grimmer down in Ft. Walton for a bachelor party / fishing trip on Thursday night. We fueled up, iced up, and baited up Friday morning and headed to the timber holes to get some bigger...
  18. Grayton Beach

    Kayak Forum
    Heading down to Grayton in a few weeks. We wanted to take the yaks out to Grayton Reef, but i guess I was mistaken on how far offshore it was. I had it in my head that it was between 2 and 3 miles, but the numbers I got said it was 4 1/2. That's a little further than I wanted to go one way. Is...
  19. Offshore in Mississippi

    General Discussion
    Good friend of mine put together this video and I thought some of y'all would enjoy..
  20. How/When/Where to Cast Net Bait in the Choctawhatchee?

    Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    I wish to expand the variety of bait I catch for offshore fishing and live bait chumming while also reducing the time spent using sabiki rigs near the pass. So, I like to expand my bait gathering prowess by using a cast net, but I am not sure about the specifics of catching bait fish in the...