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  1. Louisiana Gulf Coast fishing with Super Strike Charters!

    Out Of Area
    The weather out in Venice, LA has been inconsistent, but the fishing is still great on our days out when the weather is in our favor. Our Red Snapper bite is on fire. The bigger snapper are mostly caught on live Menhadden and Herring. Sometimes they will come off of dead bait as well. Most...
  2. Summer Thunderstorms

    General Discussion
    Is any one else as sick of these storms as I am? I don't remember the last time I had to check my weather apps before every trip, every day, all summer long! I've found that WeatherBug and Navionics are the most reliable Do any of you use these or have any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Deep Sea Fishing Orange Beach (Trolling and Bottom Fishing)

    General Discussion
    I have a 29 foot Twin Engine Boat, I like to do deep sea fishing (both trolling and bottom fishing), I joined fishing charters before, I need tips and advice from experts. I have all waypoints entered in my GPS. I have Penn Rods, not sure about what type of Lure or bait to use.
  4. June 12th charter trip

    General Discussion
    I have a trip booked with Vitamin Sea Charter on Friday June 12th. We had 6 people going with us but two of them are no longer able to attend. If anyone wants to join us they are more than welcome to. The trip is for 8hrs and costs $225 per person. If you are interested please call Dave at...
  5. Any offshore charter?

    Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    Is any offshore charter still running? We have 2-3 people fishing on either Jan. 18th or 19th in Pensacola. I was wondering if there is any walk-on charter we can hop on. I also wonder what kinds of fish we can catch and keep in this season. Any information will be appreciated.:thumbsup:
  6. Sunday (10-13) MAHI

    Offshore Reports
    Mahi Mayhem (video added) I took my stepson Braxton and son-in-law Craig out today- hoping to find some large Snapper on some pyramids further out than we had been going. We got out the pass at daybreak today- found some nice cigar minnows just outside the rocks, loaded up on live bait and...
  7. looking for work as a deckhand

    Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    My name is Matt and i am looking for work as a deckhand or some kind of offshore work, i enjoy fishing and anything to do with boats, i am a hard worker and i am very dependable, i do not get sea sick and have been charter boat fishing i am just trying to support my family and need work and i am...
  8. MarlinStar ProStaff Mr Trigger Flamingo Costa Rica

    Blue Water Reports
    Check out the sequence of photos leading up to this teaser custom made from MarlinStar for Mr Trigger Sport fishing getting destroyed 1for 3 on Blue Marlin 3 for 5 on Mahi Mahi 2 for 3 on Sails
  9. Fishing Tips From Beach to Surf to Offshore

    Offshore Reports
    Fish that are commonly caught close to the beach are species such as the Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel and Speckled Trout. These fish can be caught using bottom rigs, but it’s much more fun to target them with lures and light tackle. One of my favorite things to do in off season is to walk the...
  10. 8 Things To Check Out When You Book A Tuna Fish Charter

    Offshore Reports
    Too many times choosing your Offshore Charter Service is like going to an employment interview, you ask a few questions, make small talk and basically try to “Size” up the Captain. If you like him and he is pleasant BOOM you are sold and he has a trip. Not long into your marriage you find out...