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  1. Pre-Tournament Discussions
    The 8th Annual "Trolling for Booty" Fishing Tournament hosted by the Pirates of Lost Treasure Grand Lagoon Yacht Club on Sept 20-22. Fish from boat, dock or kayak and win up to $400 per fish! Registration $50 in advance. Tickets available at Key Marine, Gray's Tackle, Goin' Fishing, Hot...
  2. Fishing Gear For Sale
    I have an almost brand new 9' (2) piece surf spinning od that has only been used three times lightly (model# OMS9SM), bought at Bass Pro Shop. Rod is super light, around 24" from butt to reel. 15-30 lbs. line weight, Fuji eyes and 1-3oz weight. I could literally throw this over 100 yards on a 2...
1-2 of 2 Results