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  1. Hurricane Michael Remapping by Navionics Panama City to Tallahassee

    Hurricane Help/Info and more
    I've been paying close attention to the remapping project that Navionics is doing after Hurricane Michael devastate our beautiful big back yard. The most recent updates I have seen are the updates that have been made on the coastline from Laguna Beach near Panama City on the westernmost coast...
  2. Red Tide headed our way?

    General Discussion
    I have been closely watching the movement of the Red Tide ever since fishing in Panama City and Port St. Joe last week-end. This week-end the wind is supposed to shift out of the East and I am wondering if anyone has seen reports on the potential for it to hit Pensacola. The attached map is...
  3. FREE Redfish Webinar Friday Night

    General Discussion
    I just ran across this free webinar that's being presented tomorrow night by Navionics and thought I would share it with you.
  4. Redfish Webinar

    Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    I just stumbled across this upcoming webinar. The guy is out of Charleston, SC but he's pretty knowledgeable from what I can tell. It's on the 30th of this month. Just wanted to share in case any of you would like to tune in and see what a charter captain from Charleston, SC has to say about...
  5. Summer Thunderstorms

    General Discussion
    Is any one else as sick of these storms as I am? I don't remember the last time I had to check my weather apps before every trip, every day, all summer long! I've found that WeatherBug and Navionics are the most reliable Do any of you use these or have any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. CCA Florida Star Tournament

    Inshore Reports
    No tournament winners but I did find a nice school of mid-slot reds yesterday. With it being so hot they were in a little deeper water and when the tide started falling and a thunderstorm approached it seemed to really trigger the bite. I managed to get quite a few entries into the Florida CCA...
  7. Apalachicola Snapper Fishing

    Offshore Reports
    The snapper bite in Apalachicola is pretty good but you have to get through all of the sand sharks to catch them. It didn't seem to matter what wreck we fished there were sharks at all of them. The Grey Snapper were swimming with the sharks at the surface so I was able to free line those with...
  8. Panama City West Bay Redfish

    Inshore Reports
    I recently spent several days in Panama City preparing for the Florida Pro Redfish Series Tournament and had some pretty phenomenal luck during prefishing. Tournament day conditions were completely different but I did catch lots of small reds and my partner caught tarpon with a top water Unfair...
  9. Florida Keys

    I am planning a trip to the Florida Keys and I know that there was a lot of damage (both to land and water) caused by Hurricane Irma. I just got an e-mail update from Navionics showing a bunch of updates to those areas. Since I am not familiar with the area here are a couple before and after...
  10. Sand Bar in Escambia Bay

    General Discussion
    I was running across Escambia Bay at what I thought was a pretty safe distance from the shoreline (I run a Hewes that drafts 10") and my shallow water alert on my Simrad went off and I was suddenly in less than two feet of water. Here is the screen shot showing it on my Navionics Chart using the...
  11. Tax Deductions for Charter Captains and others

    Off Topic
    With the final day of the 2017 tax season coming to a close, and I myself finishing up in the 11th hour I was asked by a couple of captains and other anglers that write-off their expenses if they could write off certain items. One that I was surprised that people didn't know was that you could...
  12. Easy way to get offshore fishing spots

    General Discussion
    I just had this show up in my inbox from Navionics. I use the Platinum+ maps and I love them. I think you can buy them online at and I know that Bass Pro and West Marine have them. I use the 907p+ and it has all of the offshore wrecks already programmed in on the maps...
  13. Garcon Point Bridge

    Piers and Bridges - Reports
    I had some pretty good luck fishing the Garcon Point Bridge over the week-end and had a nice crawfish boil and fish fry yesterday. Two of the ladies that went with me had to be rescued from their kayak because the wind picked up but all in all it was a great day. Still trying to figure out the...
  14. Webinar March 6, 2018 - Rules of the Road at Sea

    If you are new to boating or just need a little refresher I am presenting a webinar tonight covering the Rules of the Road at Sea. This webinar is sponsored by Navionics and Simrad Yachting. Click on the link below and get registered today. It’s FREE...
  15. Florida Pro Redfish Series - Panama City Beach, FL

    Pre-Tournament Discussions
    If you’re competing in the Emerald Coast Division Florida Pro Redfish Series this week-end in Panama City Beach make sure your Navionics charts are up to date! I just updated mine last night and I noticed some new "hazards" in the bay system over there and with the weather being sketchy those...
  16. Chart Updates

    Navionics has a new chart installer version which will update your charts even faster. I just updated mine and it's incredible to see the difference...
  17. Bass Pro Spring Sale

    General Discussion
    This is a pretty sweet deal if you are buying a new plotter for your boat this spring. I found out about it at Bass Pro. You get $50 back when you purchase a new plotter from Lowrance, Humminbird, Simrad or Ray Marine and a Navionics. card. That drops the...
  18. Miles "Sonar" Burghoff Chatterbait Webinar

    Fresh and Brackish - General Q & A
    Miles "Sonar" Burghoff from Sweetwater TV is giving a webinar tonight on chatterbaits. You can register on this link.
  19. Chart Symbols

    I just recently gave a safety seminar at the Biloxi Boat Show. There were a lot of questions about chart symbols. Chart symbols and icons will have different meanings. Generally all of the symbols, abbreviations and icons found on our charts are based on those of the government. For a full...
  20. SIMRAD plotter sync

    Your Simrad has automatically recorded all your sonar logs since day one. And it’s still recording any trip if you see the line after your cursor when navigating. Simrad has changed their software which now excludes depth data when exporting sonar logs in the GPX format. If you purchase a new...