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navarre red snapper

  1. South Again Charters / 10 October 2013

    Inshore Charter Reports
    Another amazing day here in Pensacola! Today the Lee Family joined for a quick 4 hour trip, we had a blast landing over 20 redfish in short order including one bruiser that was close to 18 lbs!! After a quick limit of Redfish we headed back in the Bay and found a nice limmit of Red Snapper.. No...
  2. South Again Charters / 1 October 2013

    Inshore Charter Reports
    Today is the opening dau of the 2013 Fall REd Snapper season. Winds were just a bit to high for us to make a run in the Gulf. So we stayed inside the bay today and whacked em! We boated between 20-25 legal Red Snapper on our 4 hour trip today. With one going 18lbs, we headed to the Marina at...
  3. South Again Charters / 1 July 2013

    Offshore Charter Reports
    Tough day today.. the current in the Gulf was running about 600 mph out of the West but the Yonker Men and I stuck to our guns and caught a nice limit of Snapper. No Groupers today but tomorrow is another day! ... see you out there
  4. South Again Charters / 30 June 2013

    Offshore Charter Reports
    Amazing trip today! As some of you may know, last year I ran the Pensacola Marathon(26.2 miles) while wearing a 50lb ruck sack and military boots. I ran the marathon to raise money and awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project. I had no intentions of running it again... until a few of my Ranger...
  5. South Again Charters / 22 June 2013

    Inshore Charter Reports
    Not what we had planned but it worked out anyway! We had planned on heading out a few miles into the Gulf and catching our Snapper but with the 2nd day of the howling East winds we decided to try and make it happen in the Bay! We were very lucky even witht the stiff east winds and crazy boat...
  6. South Again Charters / 1 June 2013

    Inshore Charter Reports
    HOLY COW... what an amazing opening day to Snapper season. Today Sean and Jamie joined me for a 6 hour Snapper trip. With high seas we decided to stay in the Bay and see what we could do. We had a blast.. Bul Reds, Gag Grouper, Red Snapper, Slot Reds, Black Tip Sharks. We caught a little of...
  7. South Again Charters / 3 July 2012

    Offshore Reports
    Today the Jones Crew joined me for a 6 hour Snapper trip. We left Shoreline and headed Due South out of the Pass and headed to an area that has been doing well all season. The bite was slow to say the least. Not sure if it was the full moon that had it slow, or all the pressure the spots got...