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  1. Offshore Charter Reports
    WOW!! The day of the giants... Today two of my favorite anglers joined me for an awesome day in the Gulf. We caught a little bit of everything today, giant Snapper, Giant grouper, Amberjack, Jack Crevalle, Triggerfish, Lane Snapper...etc. Its amazing how healthy all of our nearshore wrecks are...
  2. Inshore Charter Reports
    Finally a pretty day on the water! It may have been a bit cold but I'll take it! Today the Church Familly from Illinois joined me for a quick 4 hour catch and release trip! We had a blast catching fish, we caught around 20-30 Sheepshead, a black drum, a red snapper and lost a really nice Redfish...
  3. Inshore Reports
    After a few days at the Hunting Lease it was back to work today! The bite today was amazing. We planned a 4 hour trip and were able to get a 3 man limit of slot reds and a pile of Bull reds in that amount of time!! The bulls were all caught just west of Deer point and did not pop till around...
1-3 of 3 Results