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  1. South Again Charters / 14 July 2013

    Inshore Charter Reports
    To say I have it pretty good would be an understatement!! I get to follow my dream and I get to spend my days on the water with some pretty awesome people! Today I was joined by a few of my favorite Ladies for a 6 hour Snapper trip. With the seas a little bumpy first thing we decided to stay in...
  2. South Again Charters / 26 June 2013

    Offshore Charter Reports
    Another flat, hot day on the Gulf and more beautiful great Snapper fishing. Today the Flowers gagng and I headed offshore, I decided to go a different direction than I have been fishing most of the year and it payed off really well. We caught tons of nice Snapper today. Amberjack on light...
  3. South Again Charters / 24 April 2013

    Inshore Charter Reports
    What an amazing day with the girls!! Today Dawna and Shelley joined me for a quick scouting trip. With a nice string of trips lined up the Girls and I took off to make sure I could still find em. The Sheepshead bite is all but over but the Mackerel are here in force!! We could have set and...
  4. South Again Charters / 27 March 2013

    Inshore Charter Reports
    Finally a pretty day on the water! It may have been a bit cold but I'll take it! Today the Church Familly from Illinois joined me for a quick 4 hour catch and release trip! We had a blast catching fish, we caught around 20-30 Sheepshead, a black drum, a red snapper and lost a really nice Redfish...
  5. South Again Charters / 26 March 2013

    Inshore Charter Reports
    Is this wind ever gonna stop? Today the Randolph Group and I headed towards the Pass with plans of getting in 6 hours of fishing. We left form 17th hoping to be able to dodge the strong North winds. Once we arrived at the PAss it was very wind and VERY VERY cold! We toughed it out for as long...
  6. South Again Charters / 17 March 2013

    Inshore Reports
    I hate to speak to soon, but I think the Sheepshead spawn has finally kicked off! Today the Sandfort Family and I planned a 6 hour trip together. First thing this morning we quickly got into a great Sheepshead bite. We quickly boated 15 or so and a bonus Black Drum and a pompano. I had high...
  7. South Again Charters / 15 March 2013

    Inshore Reports
    Finally some great weather! Today I was joined by the Smith Family on a 6 hour trip. We started out targeting dinner and found that the Sheepshead were in the mood to bite. We caught a few here and a few there,never found one place that was just on fire. But we still managed to put a nice box of...
  8. South Again Charters / 14 March 2013

    Inshore Reports
    I sure hope this weather breaks soon! Headed out to the PAss this morning and found a really slow bite. After bouncing around for about 45 minutes we managed to find a great sheepshead bite on a small Snapper spot back to the East! We were able to catch and release 10 - 12 fish fairly quickly!My...