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  1. Networking Forum
    Fall is not far off the temps outside are starting to get nice out with mornings in the mid 60's and the water temps are cooling off too. This means were in for some really good inshore fishing and were also about 30 days away for the annuall fall monster redfish run. See link from last years...
  2. Inshore Charter Reports
    Pensacola Fishing Report Aug. 1st - 2013: With more rain days than I care to count last month totaling around 16” - 21”, I would say this July was the wettest on record. I think we’ve had enough rain to last us the rest of the year. Getting out to fish has been a chore just working around all...
  3. Inshore Charter Reports
    Tough little 4 hour today.. With hard North winds we were kinda limited to what we could do but I think we made the right moves. We managed to catch several Bull Reds and three legal Flounder. We caught and released quite a few Snapper and other trash fish... we even took time out to do some...
1-3 of 3 Results