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  1. General Discussion
    I just joined this board and I'm hoping to get some advice. My family will be staying on base in Pensacola next week and I'm wondering about shore fishing the ICW right by the lighthouse. (30 20 39 N, 87 18 21 W) Any tips? It's supposed to be VERY cold (for Pensacola) and somewhat overcast and...
  2. Surf Fishing Reports
    Hello all, Im currently on CID and just went out and bought fishing gear to fish for shark. I hear theres a spot at NAS thats good, but im not sure. Do you know any places that are good for shark? Specifically bigger shark such as Bulls. My set up is something along the lines of 150yds. of 80lb...
  3. Flounder Gigging
    Are there any areas near NAS that are off-limits to flounder gigging with lights?
  4. Surf Fishing Reports
    Went out to the fishing spot this weekend to see what was out. It had been slow the last few times I went out but today it was pretty good out. I ended up with three baby sharks, 8 cat fish, 1 sting ray, and 1 fireworm. I had caught a fireworm last time I was out and learned the hard way, even...
1-4 of 4 Results