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  1. Kayaks for Sale
    Since a lot of people have upgraded to the V2 mirage drive, I am wondering if anyone has spare V1 drive chains laying around they would like to sell. Mine broke on my outback last weekend and am trying to avoid spending $60 apiece for new ones if possible. Thanks, Corey
  2. Kayak Forum
    Yesterday (fortunately on our way in), I decided I was Lance LegStrong and broke one of the chains on my V1 mirage drive. The cable pulled away from chain meaning the clamp split in half. I'd love to claim it was in pursuit of the monster Flounder that got away, but sadly I must confess that...
  3. Kayak Reviews
    I'm going to look at/purchase one tomorrow but it will need a couple of adjustments to be made fishing worthy. Is there anything aside from the obvious body/equipment wear and tear I should look for? It's coming with 1 mirage and 1 shark fin peddles and 2 paddles as well as the front plug and...
  4. Kayaks for Sale
    I'm really interested in getting an outback or revo (I think the sport is a little small). I'm in Gainesville in college till the end of April (GO GATORS!) and then will be moving back to milton/pcola ...but I was wondering if anyone was looking to get rid of theirs at a reasonable price...Can't...
1-4 of 4 Results