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mirage drive system

  1. 2008 Hobie kayak for sale

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    i have a 2008 hobie kayak i have for i just had new chains installed on the drive yesterday due to one almost breaking. i am upgrading to a pro angler and no longer need it anymore PM me for details and to meet up for u to see it.
  2. WTB : Hobie Mirage Outback

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    looking to buy a well used Hobie outback here is a number i can be reached at 251-406-2828 i would appreciate any help at all :thumbup: thanks!
  3. Hobie Mirage Drive V1 fix?

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    Yesterday (fortunately on our way in), I decided I was Lance LegStrong and broke one of the chains on my V1 mirage drive. The cable pulled away from chain meaning the clamp split in half. I'd love to claim it was in pursuit of the monster Flounder that got away, but sadly I must confess that...