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  1. 27 Feb Mid-Bay Bridge

    Kayaking Reports
    Launched with H-MANEOD around 0745 from White Point and headed south along the bridge. Hit a couple pilings halfway out and pulled up some sheepshead then pushed to the channel. At the channel I had the first hook up with a black drum on live shrimp. As I landed it my second rod with a live...
  2. 18 Feb and 20 Feb Mid-Bay Bridge

    Kayaking Reports
    18 Feb - Launched around 0930 and headed south working pilings towards the channel. Landed a total of 10 sheepshead from 14" to 20", a 27" black drum, and 4 or 5 undersize grey snapper. 20 Feb - Launched with H-MANEOD at sun-up from White Point and worked our way out the channel. The wind and...
  3. Mid-Bay Bridge 10-22

    Kayaking Reports
    Launched out of White Point at 4pm. Saw something utterly destroying full-size mullet right after launching. It was insane, they were literally flopping onshore escaping whatever it was. I'm assuming flipper but never saw any fins, so who knows. Pushed out to the bridge to check out what the...
  4. Choctaw Slots

    Kayaking Reports
    Launched about 415pm off white point with my anchor and ready to battle the wind. Using light gear at first (quantum pti20 and 12lb test w/no leader) got broken off by some decent fish around pilings at the midbay. Finally finesse two tourney winner slots, a 26" and 26.5" up. Released one and...
  5. Destin inshore and offshore

    Kayaking Reports
    Thursday night, made a last minute trip for a couple hours to White Point/Midbay bridge and met a friend to see what we could fish up. Nothing to be found on the flats, and the water is cooling off there pretty quick. Spent 30+ minutes trying to cast net some bait. There wasn't much in the...
  6. North Choctawhatchee by Mid-Bay Bridge

    Kayaking Reports
    I've had some days off work and have been spending probably way too much time fishing. I've spent most of that time near home; White Point launching from Maxwell-Gunter Rec. area. By and far the most active and voracious fish out in that area during all times of day are the hardhead cats and...