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  1. Boat Repair - Questions,Answers and Suggestions
    My question is about the tell tail stream. Is the top stream supposed to be a constant uninterrupted stream all the time? When the boat is running at idle the stream is mostly constant with the stream being interrupted every couple of seconds. The engine seems to run fine. I would post a...
  2. Networking Forum
    Perdido Sailor, a full service vessel restoration company, located in downtown Pensacola is hiring a full time mechanically inclined individual. 14 years in business, we provide most all services that a vessel could need. Including mechanical maintenance, shaft and strut replacement...
  3. Boat Repair - Questions,Answers and Suggestions
    I need my outboard serviced and a new livewell pump and bilge pump. Any suggetions welcome. Keep the boat on Navy base, but can trailer anywhere. Thanks
  4. Boat Repair - Questions,Answers and Suggestions
    Help! I have a 2008 Maxum 20' boat with a 5.0 Mercruiser alpha one MPI sterndrive and 150 hours. Engine is perfect. Just noticed whirling grind noise from back area yesterday. After some research, I believe my Gimbal bearing is bad and I want the drive pulled and the routine parts that are...
  5. General Discussion
    Hello all, I'm looking for a mobile boat mechanic in the Pensacola area who can work on an inboard/outboard motor. I've spoken with Shane Livingston but he only works on outboards, and unfortunately I haven't had any success recently contacting David at Davlor Marine. I would really...
  6. Boat Repair - Questions,Answers and Suggestions
    After reading all the recommendations on here for Davlor marine I asked David (by email!) to come out and do the first service on the F150 on my Sea Fox 220XT. He did and also tweaked the engine a little (something about mercury and vibration which went above my head but the results of which I...
1-6 of 6 Results