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  1. General Discussion
    It only took me 5 years of living in the area to Join this forum: I'm looking to repower my 233 Dusky this upcoming season or next season, kinda tough to plan as I work offshore and selling/trading the old motors is gonna be a hassle overseas. Been in contact with Gary Pagan at Lou's...
  2. Networking Forum
    Perdido Sailor, a full service vessel restoration company, located in downtown Pensacola is hiring a full time mechanically inclined individual. 14 years in business, we provide most all services that a vessel could need. Including mechanical maintenance, shaft and strut replacement...
  3. Fishing Gear For Sale
    I have a great deal on some Marathon M12V90 all weather batteries. These are great for our boats. I work telecom and have the opportunity to get a great deal on them every now and then. Retails for 431.00. Sells used for 220 - 280.00. Will last forever. Throw me a price for 2. OBO!!!!! I...
1-3 of 4 Results