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  1. Destin 19 Sep - Finally got my fall mahi

    Kayaking Reports
    Launched from Henderson in the afternoon. Winds picked up and it got a bit choppy, didn't get soaked, but got pushed almost a mile further east than I intended. Hooked up with 2 mahi for sure, probably a third but can't be sure. Landed one 27" fork, and one king about the same and couple dink...
  2. First time to Edge/ Nipple

    Blue Water Fishing - General Q & A
    I just bought a new 25' CC with twin F150 outboards and plan to head out to the edge/ nipple area this weekend. I plan to troll a couple of stretches and maybe ballyhoos (if I can find them rigged up at the tackle shop), maybe drift live bait (sigs, pen fish, hard tails, or LYs) and would like...
  3. Any yakkers want to hook up Monday/Tuesday

    Reefs and Wrecks
    A friend and I looking for some Pensacola Snapper action next week. We were hoping to hook up with some other yakkers. Anyone planning on going out those days?
  4. Big Dolphin and a Grouper in Exuma, Bahamas

    Offshore Reports From Out Of The Area
    This was originally posted in another section but I realized it belonged here :whistling: No photos, but a nice video on YouTube that I got around to putting together: Make sure to watch it in HD. This was in Mid-February, I think around the 15-16. The boat was a Regulator 32 FS, with...
  5. Need help going towards spur

    Blue Water Fishing - General Q & A
    Hey my friend just got a new boat couple weeks ago, and we are wanting to go to spur to troll for wahoo, mahi, and tuna. But we don't won't to waste all that gas and only catch 2-3 fish. Im only use to catching snapper and other close in bottom fish. And never go towards the spur so what can(and...