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  1. Out Of Area
    Daytime Sword fishing ~ Deep Drop (2,000 Feet!!) ~ Fish KEY WEST
  2. Boating and Fishing Tricks and Tips
    I am asking general opinions on these three models. The Nauticstar I found has a 115hp while the others have 150 hp. will the Key West ride better, drier with the Caroline flair? Will the 115 be a regret? Opinions on build quality of brands? Key west is coming in higher than the others...
  3. General Discussion
    Me and three buddies are going on a fishing trip from April 18th - 22nd. We're having trouble deciding between a return trip to Key West or trying something new, in the Destin/Pensacola area. We want to choose the destination which will give us the best opportunity at landing some good eats...
1-3 of 3 Results