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  1. Kayak Forum
    I am considering an inflatable kayak because I do not have a pickup truck and do not wish to get a trailer. I might consider putting a hard side on top of my van. So, I would like your views on an inflatable vs. a hard side (must be light weight). I guess any foot/leg propelled hard side...
  2. Kayak Forum
    I'm new to the site but wanted to know what was the proper protocol when it comes to boaters and kayakers? My husband says the bigger boat always has the "right of way." I'm not arguing that, but I'm really tired of paddling out with NO boats in sight, anchoring, hooked on, then almost ran over...
  3. Kayak Forum
    Does anyone know how the rivers is for kayaking above Barrineau Park Bridge on the Perdido River? Also, how safe is it to leave your car overnight at Barrineau Park Bridge?
1-3 of 4 Results