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  1. Kayaks for Sale
    Looking for a kayak that is a 10 feet or bigger Sit-on-top kayak. Including a paddle and a life jacket adds value, or other accessories like wheels.
  2. Kayak Forum
    Hey guys, I'm not from the area but I do come down several times a year with the yak and try to catch some fish. Sometimes hit the bays in search of reds or specks, sometimes bust the breakers and try my luck at king/spanish/whateverthehellwillbite......I've been looking at google earth just...
  3. Kayaks for Sale
    I looking to purchase a set of Large Beach Wheels for my Outback. They don't have to be Hobie but similar large profile tires is a must. I would prefer mount through the scupper holes but cradle & strap are OK.
1-3 of 4 Results