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  1. Kayak fishing beginer

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    I've recently been turned on to kayak fishing and I'm planning on buying a kayak. I need some advice on which ones to look into. I want to start out in the bay and once I get comfortable try out the gulf. Most of the fishing I do is in the rivers and lakes so any tips on where to fish would be...
  2. 100+lb Tarpon from the kayak

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    Hey everyone, First time poster, long time forum stalker here. I've kayak fished in Pensacola for years now, but had to get out of it a bit while I'm away at college. However, I'm on summer vacation at the moment and I'm kayak fishing every chance I get. I recently took a trip down to Port...

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    bought in july of 2010 from west marine , great touring model for anyone two dry storage wells im 6'0 200 and my girlfriend 5,8 130 fits in it great to. enough room to do multi day trips . has scotty rod holder 29.00 , dry bag 59.99 and west marine aluminum paddle 69.99 paddle clips 19.00 and i...
  4. Good day on the water!

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    Took the kayaks out supperbowl sunday. Starting to see bait fish in the shalows of the sound. With the upcoming warmmer weather it wont be long and the sport fish will be feeding more agressivley. Very excited for spring fishing.:thumbup: