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  1. Navarre Artificial Reefs (Day 2)

    Kayak Forum
    Day 2 of the Navarre trip went a lot better than the storms we dealt with on day 1. It was HOT though... The bait was thick and the fish were feeding! Thanks for your support!
  2. Recommendations Needed for Upcoming Vacation(Honeymoon!)

    General Discussion
    Hello All, I will be visiting Mexico Beach for my honeymoon 9/23-29. I have several questions, please bear with me, any advice I receive will be greatly appreciated! I haven't posted here before, but I've lurked for charter recommendations in the past when staying in P'cola and have benefited...
  3. 3MB Reds

    Kayaking Reports
    The rivers were ripping yesterday so I convinced a buddy to hit up 3MB last night to get in some big redfish. We were cruising the lights and it was on! It was my first experience catching bull reds on topwater and I had a blast. Even the misses were exciting. I ended up landing 3, 29-36", lost...
  4. Anyone fish around Scenic Hwy?

    Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    I rarely get the opportunity to take out the boat and I have a nice kayak as well. The kayak has been my go to lately for ease and my folks own a home on the water off Scenic Hwy. Usually I take the Yak to Gulf breeze or 3mb area, but I was wondering if anyone has any luck anywhere along...
  5. Looking for a kayak. 400$ Budget.

    Kayaks for Sale
    Looking for a kayak that is a 10 feet or bigger Sit-on-top kayak. Including a paddle and a life jacket adds value, or other accessories like wheels.
  6. Anyone seeing Kings off the beach?

    Kayak Forum
    Are the Kings and Spanish moving into the beaches yet? Anyone catching them? Seems like it should be now or any day now..:)
  7. Considering Inflatable Kayak

    Kayak Forum
    I am considering an inflatable kayak because I do not have a pickup truck and do not wish to get a trailer. I might consider putting a hard side on top of my van. So, I would like your views on an inflatable vs. a hard side (must be light weight). I guess any foot/leg propelled hard side...
  8. Wanted ocean kayak

    Various Items For Sale.
    I'm looking for an Ocean Kayak prowler 13 in good used condition. Willing to pay good money for it especially if it comes with extras (paddle, seat, rod holders, life vest etc...)
  9. Beware when buying from dick's

    General Discussion
    I purchased a Coleman "Scanoe" from the Pensacola FL store on January 9th 2015 along with a Minn- Kota trolling motor,We asked about the paperwork on the canoe before we loaded it onto our vehicle, the manager informed us that the paperwork was in the bottom of the canoe we did not have to...
  10. Bass Pro Shops Video Contest

    General Discussion
    Bass Pro Shops Brand Ascend Kayaks Video Contest - Hello fellow paddlers! I am currently in a Kayak Video contest and need some feedback on my video. Please view my video by clicking "the link below . If you like it, please give it a thumbs up! :thumbsup: If you really like it, please share...
  11. Fishing Ft. Pickens?

    Kayak Forum
    Hey guys, I'm not from the area but I do come down several times a year with the yak and try to catch some fish. Sometimes hit the bays in search of reds or specks, sometimes bust the breakers and try my luck at king/spanish/whateverthehellwillbite......I've been looking at google earth just...
  12. Kayak Fishing Spot Suggestions Needed

    Kayak Forum
    Anyone have any suggestions on some easy spots to launch a kayak in the bay or sound? I typically launch from Postal Point on Eglin or from the Maxwell Rec area next to Mid-bay Bridge. I'm stationed at Eglin and am looking for somewhere to go when I get off for some evening fishing. I'm new...
  13. Offshore general??

    Kayak Forum
    I will be in the Portofino area of Pesacola beach late May early June - I am experienced chasing bull reds and trout in the marshes and coastal Louisiana - any tips or suggestions on tackle/bait , where would be good spot to try , whats bitting, etc... Any info would be helpful Thanks - I...
  14. Upcoming Tourney

    Kayaking Reports
    Anybody out there planning on fishing the GCKFA tournament out of Gulf Breeze the 13th? I really want to, as it would be my first tournament and I think it would be a blast, but so far haven't been able to find anybody to come down that way with me. All the usual suspects have previous...
  15. FH12 and Ms Louise

    Kayaking Reports
    I have been wanting to hit up the FH12 sand fleas and the Ms Louise next time I get to make a trip down. Never done anything but trolling in the gulf. Anybody got any tips. What kind of boat traffic should we expect?
  16. 3m tonight anybody?

    Kayak Forum
    Thinking of going out tonight with my husband around 7pm til whenever I catch something big! I'm fairly new to yak fishing and have only mastered small trout. I have a custom fishing rod (made by yours truely) and I want to test it's limits on something good! Prob launch on gb side. Hope to...
  17. Looking to buy a kayak

    Kayaks for Sale
    Hey guys, I'm wanting to buy a kayak sometime this week, so I wanted to check and see if anyone had a used one they wanted to sell before I go to one of the big stores. I'm looking to spend around 400-500, maybe a little bit more if I find the right one. If I buy a brand new one, it will be the...
  18. 13' Ocean Kayak Prowler Package- $700 w/ pics

    Kayaks for Sale
    13' Ocean Kayak Prowler This fishing Kayak is in really good condition has been kept in the garage the mojority of the time. You are not only buying just the kayak you are buying a lot of gear to go with the kayak. I have used it to fish out of in the bay bayou's and the Gulf of Mexico. It is...
  19. Help! New to Kayak Fishing and Area!

    Kayak Forum
    I just moved to Gulf Breeze and really want to get into kayak fishing. I have alot of fishing experience but not that much in this area. I currently have a 12' sit in recreational kayak that just cant handle the surf or choppy water where I want to fish so I am looking to upgrade. I really...
  20. variety Caught, NEED HELP!

    Kayaking Reports
    So I went out today closer to NAS in the area between Perdido Key and the mainland, Right outside of snug Harbor building. I was tossing a gotcha plug with my baitrunner/ugly stick setup. Got a late start, but still nailed a spanish mack, about 14", in a few minutes sometime after 8 am. Got...