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johnson beach

  1. Johnson's beach in October

    Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    New to the forum. Excited to get some local help We visit a few times a year from TN. We were down last week and did well with Whiting and landed one 4' Blacktip!! We were told pompano and red fishing is hot in October and will be back. We stay on the Bach so we can fish all night. Sounds like...
  2. Whats the best fishing around Big Lagoon state park/Perdido?

    Surf Fishing - General Q & A
    My wife and I will be camping at Big Lagoon state park at the end of this month over the labor day weekend this year, and I plan on spending most of my time fishing while she enjoys the beach, which will probably be Johnson beach from what I can tell. Any advice would be appreciated! For...
  3. Traveling 5 hours for 1 day of fishing/Johnson Beach

    Surf Fishing Reports
    I'm taking a one night camping trip to Johnson Beach. I've never surf fished before but am an avid freshwater and and bass fisherman. I prefer artificial but can do real bait if a necessity. I plan on stopping by the pass and using swim baits and spoons for a Red. But will do most of my fishing...
  4. Thank You

    General Discussion
    First post. I've read the forum for about 2 months anticipating my annual trip to Perdido. My son, 8, really wanted to fish, but the lakes of Indiana are much easier than what he asked. By reading your posts and taking your advice, we had a successful (1 fish was all it took) day. He caught...
  5. Huge Red Caught on Johnson Beach

    General Discussion
    Caught a huge red fish on Sunday (10/30/11) at Johnson Beach. It is the biggest I have ever caught. I am not sure on the length or weight. I was to excited to get the tape measure out and wanted to get it back in the water asap. Any guesses on how much it weighed and length? I am 6'1" tall...