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  1. Fat Jax 2013 Video - Enjoy

    Offshore Charter Reports
    The 2013 Season has come and gone. I have to admit, it was a GOOD one. My “New Year’s Resolution” is to “remember I have a camera and GoPro onboard…. I missed a lot of great moments….. Here’s to looking forward to 2014! Stay safe and please share this with your friends!! See ya out there…...
  2. Fat Jax 9/22/13 Report (Pics and Video)

    Offshore Charter Reports
    It's been a while since I've posted, so here's one. A Retired US Army Officer wanted to go Shark Fishing, so Shark Fishing we went.... We caught ARS, Kings, Spanish, Cobia (Small ones), Lady Fish, Blue Fish, they got to watch the dolphins RIPPING into the lady and Blue fish they were simply just...
  3. Fat Jax 6/27/13 Report (Video and Pictures)

    Offshore Charter Reports
    Parker and is father David returned for another fight. I think Parker grew a foot since last year.... They feed 'em good in AR!!!! ha ha anyways, we headed out in sloppy seas last week and caught several Bonita's, Kings, Snapper, Small AJ's and all that stuff... set up camp and let the Sharking...
  4. Whats hiding behind this BIG Bull?

    General Discussion
    We caught BIG ole girls the other night..... Didn't notice this camera shy fish until I started to work on the video.... Should have the video done tomorrow..... What kind do ya think it is?
  5. Fat Jax 6/17/13 Report (Suprise Catch! Guess the weight)

    Offshore Charter Reports
    Hit the water yesterday afternoon with a couple fellas from St. Lewis MO. They weren't really the "sea going" type with the seas, wind and all that, so we stayed in close.... The Pass was packed with Bonita, so we managed to catch a few of those. The one fella was hanging over the side, (calling...
  6. Fat Jax report 2/9/13

    Offshore Reports
    Had a great time with a fella and a couple of his friends. The caught (I don’t know how many) AJ’s (smaller ones) with only 2 or three legal ones. I have no idea how the Young lady snagged the trigger on the back, I assume the trigger was doing the back stroke…. J She also caught the shortest...
  7. Sharks, Sharks and more Sharks -- Looking forward to 2013!

    Offshore Reports
    Enjoy the video: Jim
  8. Fat Jax report 9/29/12

    Offshore Reports
    Took a Family from Northern Alabama out fishing last week. Weather was GREAT, Water was GREAT (just before that front came through last Saturday night). Long report into a short one, Snapper after Snapper. A few Kings and Dolphin. Few small Sharks couldn’t find the bigger ones this trip, but I...
  9. Fat Jax 7/7/12 Report (Late report)

    Inshore Reports
    Had a 8 hour trip set up for Saturday afternoon, we depart at 2 and head south. The 4 fellas from North Alabama were great folks, they all stated “we are fine, we do not get sea sick" Okay, off we go. The seas in the pass were sloppy because of all the boat traffic. We break away from all that...
  10. Fat Jax 7/6/12 Report

    Inshore Reports
    Had a 6 hour charter yesterday afternoon. Did a little trolling, caught a good amount of fresh bait (Bonita) the guys wore them out! That’s goos, because the bait lock is looking better now…. Ended up with about 15 Bonita, so many friggin Snapper I stopped counting, and a good 250 LB Bull...
  11. Fat Jax report 6/29/12 and 6/30/12

    Inshore Reports
    6/29/12 – We stuck out noses out the pass and in a relatively short amount of time, got slapped back towards the pass. Forecast was calling for 1-2’s (I think this really meant 1-2 on top of the 4-6 footers. Anyways, we set up shop inside the bay for a little sharking. Using circle hooks takes...
  12. Pensacola Shark Fishing

    Networking Forum
    When this wind slows down and the seas calm, our Sharks are going to be on FIRE!:thumbup:
  13. Going SW tomorrow Monday the 7th of May

    General Discussion
    Monday the 7th and returning Tuesday the 8th afternoon/evening. Crew of Myself ”Realtor”, Mark “The Hired Hand” and Brandon “Millertime” and one other Non-Forum member departing Sherman Cove around 10 AM and heading to the Rigs. Will fish the Petronius, Marlin, Beer can, Ram Powell and...
  14. Rig Weather Window....

    General Discussion
    Looks as if next weekend (long way off, I know) may be shaping up for a pretty nice window out that way. I remember a few guys/gals wanting to buddy boat out there, this may be a pretty good window to do just that... I am watching this like a hawk, so the "Fat Jax" may be heading that way...
  15. chum

    General Discussion
    good lord, I think I made a metric ton of chum today..... I didnt realize I have been going through as much as I have been.....:whistling: