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  1. A new approach to catching Mangrove Snapper

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  2. jig heads needed

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    Was wondering if anyone makes any 2 or 3oz jig heads for cobia just started making jigs so I don't have the molds yet. They can be unpainted or painted and possibly some smaller for little chicken dolphin Just not interested in the bullet heads or octopus heads Thanks
  3. stole my bacon and eggs......

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    My little rant of the holidays... Trash neighbors latrissa and her trash daughter Lauren find it acceptable to break in thru my window and steal my bacon eggs and drink up my eggnog... Dope heads willing to die over nothing and know had I cought them I would have killed both of them
  4. Cobia jigs for sale.

    Fishing Gear For Sale
    Cobia jigs are 8:00 a piece, Blank jig heads are 2:00 A piece, Powder painted jig heads are 3:00 a piece. We can make you custom jigs. just give us an order. Text jeb at 850 377 5645 And leave a coment. thanks