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  1. Kayak Forum
    I am considering an inflatable kayak because I do not have a pickup truck and do not wish to get a trailer. I might consider putting a hard side on top of my van. So, I would like your views on an inflatable vs. a hard side (must be light weight). I guess any foot/leg propelled hard side...
  2. Various Items For Sale.
    Im selling my 15'x15' commercial grade bounce castle. I acquired it in a trade, have had my fun with it. Now it is time to pass it on. Please make a cash offer or id trade for the right holsterable personal protection device. $800 Brian
  3. Various Items For Sale.
    For Sale: Small kids blow up jumpy thing. It works like new, blower included. Balls for extra clean up included. Small tear in lower netting on one side, could be repaired easily. Approximatly 9x9 on sides, 6' tall. My kids are getting to big for it. $100.00
1-3 of 3 Results