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  1. General Discussion
    I just joined this board and I'm hoping to get some advice. My family will be staying on base in Pensacola next week and I'm wondering about shore fishing the ICW right by the lighthouse. (30 20 39 N, 87 18 21 W) Any tips? It's supposed to be VERY cold (for Pensacola) and somewhat overcast and...
  2. Kayaking Reports
    Went to ICW at Point Washington & caught the most fish the whole summer 2 weeks ago! Here's the video link. Enjoy!
  3. Inshore Reports
    I took the kayak out late last night and let a slow current carry me along the main channel of the ICW slightly west of Hurlburt. I caught several hardheads, 2 large sailcats, a ray, and then nothing for a while until I checked a rod and it went limp. The line then started moving under the boat...
1-3 of 3 Results