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  1. Hunting Services Business

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    Everyone knows how difficult it can be to get out to your spots at times to take care of the necessary prep-work so that you can have successful hunts. Just a few days ago I was headed out to my property to refill my feeder and reset my game cam when I realized how many people skip hunting all...
  2. Matthew drenalin bow

    Hunting Gear For Sale or Trade
    Just restrung 29/70lb Has rip cord drop away rest True glow sights Quiver and case 8” octane stabilizer Very light and quiet bow in almost new condition Unable to pull back anymore because of shoulder issues Asking $300 OBO
  3. Newbie Question

    Hunting Forum
    So I was wondering if anyone knew a few places to go squirrel or other small game hunting? Escambia River seems alright but don't know of any other places. Also what time of year should I go? Also, anyone know of a club that accepts new people and helps train them? I don't have any friends or...
  4. Looking for Duck hunting Partner!

    Hunting Forum
    So as a lot of you guys already know I'm kind of new to duck hunting being I just started hunting by myself, and so I was just wondering if anybody is looking for someone to go duck hunting with them in Florida around areas like the Perdido Bay, Pensacola Bay, Perdido River WMA, Yellow River...
  5. Main points and part of the diver decoy spread.

    Hunting Forum
    Diver spread? So, need some help deciding on decoy spreads and setup. So, as a lot of ya'll already I just started not only duck hunting just this year but also by myself. So far I've got the gun and ammo down and areas and stuff down, but now the next big thing is decoys, and mainly all the...
  6. Looking for Lost 12 Gauge!

    Hunting Forum
    Ended up going duck hunting Saturday, Dec. 8 over in the North top half of Perdido Bay, till around about 4:20/4:30 and then started heading back to the location where my truck was parked when I looked behind me and noticed that while pulling my kayak my shotgun had fallen off ( For image of...
  7. Florida Waterfowl Migration?

    Hunting Forum
    So, to those of you yo'll who have read some of my other threads yo already now that I am new to duck hunting, and being this I was wondering if anyone could gove me some info or some ideas on how the migration works here in pensacola FL in particular. Now I did hunt the first couple of weekends...
  8. Hunting styles

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    So after receiving some information, since I am new to hunting, from my last post I have another question. Is it better to go into a WMA and find a nice spot where there is hog activity and sit down waiting for them or to follow the tracks and signs until you see them? As I stated in my last...
  9. New to hunting and need information!

    Hunting Forum
    Hello to all, I have recent gotten into the sport of hunting and don't really have any information to go off of as my father never took me and no one near me hunts either. I have all my gear in order and have the license and WMA permit. It seems I have to hunt at Escambia river since I did not...
  10. Ar-15 pistol

    Firearm Buy Sell Trade Section
    Billet lower 11" barrel Vortex sparc 2 red dot optics Magpul backup sights Pistol blade stock Magpul grip Slr hand guard Noveski flash hider Cantonment, 32533 Travis (850) 384-3515 $1100 obo
  11. Hunting Fishing Truck

    Various Items For Sale.
  12. Escambia/Blackwater Duck Hunting

    Hunting Forum
    First time duck hunting in Florida, I have experience duck hunting. Was wondering if Blackwater or Escambia river is better for hunting ducks? I've been told the wood ducks are more populated in Blackwater. Anything could help thanks. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
  13. Moultrie Feeder $50

    Hunting Gear For Sale or Trade
    I have a Moultrie feeder for sale. I think it is the 45 gal size. Comes with legs and timer. The spreader on the feeder went out, but the time works fine and is mounted on the barrel and is prewired you just need to buy the Moultrie spreader and plug it in. If interested call or text and I will...
  14. Turkey hunting on the eglin ranges

    Hunting Forum
    Is the turkey hunting better on the east or west side of the ranges, I.e. ranger camp side or up on the hwy 87 side? Just got back into town and am wondering where the best area is to start scouting. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  15. 2013/14 Hunting Lease

    Various Items For Sale.
    I have for sale 1 spot on a Hunting lease for next season. This land is 4000 acres divided into several plots all near Leonia Fl which is about 30 minutes south of the Alabama line. This property has great deer hunting and awesome turkey hunting. The property has a mix of open fields, dense...
  16. Introduction/Blackhawk unit hunting question

    Hunting Forum
    Hey everyone, this is my first post, wanted to introduce myself and ask for some advice. I am new to hunting in general, I have mostly just fished in the past. Last season was my first real attempt. This year I have been better preparing for the season, but I was wanting to ask some advice about...
  17. Eglin Small Game Dog Hunting

    Hunting Forum
    Do any of you hunt small game on Eglin using dogs? I deer hunted in Eglin last season 4-5 times. I didn't see anything and I get bored sitting up in a tree stand for hours at a time. I would be interested in helping somebody tree a coon or squirrel or run a rabbit if there is anybody out there...
  18. looking for meat

    Hunting Forum
    Hey, so I'm brand new on here and basically brand new to the area. I'm in Navy flight training and crazy busy. I have wanted to learn to hunt for a few years but it just hasn't worked out. To cut to the chase, I'm wondering if there is anybody out here that would feel like hooking me and my...
  19. Wanting to get into crossbow - don't know much about them...

    Hunting Forum
    Hi folks, I'm a new hunter; just a few years into it at this point. I have had opportunities to hunt deer, turkey, and hog in FL, LA, and TX. I hunt with a Tikka .308 that I have been very impressed with, but I'm looking to get into crossbow hunting but I don't know much about it yet...
  20. Preparation and Cooking Forum

    Forum Suggestions
    A form for members who prepare and cook there own game and catch would be a great addition. Somewhere member can share their ideas and suggestions for cleaning, seasoning, cooking, and eating their food. No Family Secret recipes... but a way to help other members who need help. If anyone has...