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  1. large dog in need of re-homing

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    i have a 2 1/2 year old american pit bull terrier who needs to be rehomed by 8:00 am tommorow or she will be in the pound and eauthanised. she is a very loving and active. The only thing is you cannot have cats. she plays and gets way to into it and eventually ends up hurting or killing them...
  2. 9 Walker Hounds Need Homes

    Hunting Forum
    We have been notified of a group of 9 Walker hounds that have come in on an abuse/neglect case. We need your help to get them seen and get them to safety!!! Please share if you have any questions or would like to adopt or foster one, two or all nine please contact us at [email protected]
  3. Locations to train hunting dogs

    Hunting Forum
    I'm new to the area and just moved here from Kansas where there are endless fields to take your dog. I'm a new flight student with a German Shorthair Pointer. The dog parks in Pensacola are too small and don't offer us the ability to work the field. If anyone could help with any information on...