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  1. Hot Spots Charters 3/25

    Inshore Charter Reports
    Today me and Chris ran a 2 boat trip with a group from the Clearwater area. Today was one of the windiest days I've fished in a good while! It was rough on the way to the pass and way worse on the ride back! Between the 2 boats we had 25 sheepshead and a few bull reds! The bite in the pass has...
  2. Hot Spots Charters 3/24 -Big Pompano!

    Inshore Charter Reports
    Today started out windy as heck! It was blowing close to 20 out if the NE.. It made for a bumpy ride to the pass. We went right to catching sheepshead! They bit all over the pass on live shrimp and crabs. We also managed a real nice pompano on a fiddler crab! It was just under 4 lbs!
  3. Hot Spots Charters - 2/19

    Inshore Reports
    Left the Beach Marina at 8 and the fog was crazy! Couldn't hardly see at all.. Headed toward the pass very slowly! Made it to the jetty and fished shrimp on the bottom and ended up with one over slot redfish.. Fished for an hr with very few bites.. Decided to head to the sound to try to catch a...
  4. Hot Spots Charters - Captain Tyler Massey 4/27

    Inshore Charter Reports
    Today I had the pleasure of taking David Batt and his good friend Eric from New Orelans. David does a lot of fishing in the marsh and has a son that runs tuna charters out of Venice. We started out strong with a nice redfish bite quickly boating a limit. All caught on live shrimp.We then headed...
  5. Hot Spots Charters - Captain Tyler Massey 4/23

    Inshore Charter Reports
    I had the pleasure of taking Terri a return customer of mine from Pennsylvania and her friend. The forecast was a little off today with wind blowing at least 20 mph all morning. We made due with the conditions and found an unbelievable redfish bite! We caught over 30 slot fish today with several...
  6. Hot Spots Charters-Captain Tyler 4/7

    Inshore Charter Reports
    Today was another awesome day on Pensacola Bay! I was joined by Liz Decker and her family from Rhode Island. The wind blew a little bit but it wasn't too bad. We started off in the pass catching as many sheepshead as you could ever want, they kept some to eat and for the freezer and let just as...
  7. Hot Spots Charters-Captain Tyler 4/5

    Inshore Charter Reports
    With the last few days having horrible weather I was pleased to see the sun and not have a 20mph wind!! The fish were on the same page! I had Neal from Georgia, his son and his sons friend. They put the smack down on the sheepshead today! We caught over 30 fish in an hour!! We fishing the pass...
  8. Hot Spots Cobia report - 4/2

    Offshore Charter Reports
    Me, Matt, Josh, Wade and Chaz headed out a little after noon to see if we could find a couple Cobia. Our bait selection was limited but we only had a few hrs to fish anyway. We start looking around the coast guard station and before I even climbed into the tower they see a pair of fish. We know...
  9. Hot Spots Charters- Captain Tyler Massey 4/1

    Inshore Charter Reports
    Today I had the pleasure of taking out the Armes family from Miami. We started catching sheepshead pretty good off the start near the pass. The girls were out fishing the guys like most girls do for most of the day! We tried for a redfish but couldn't get one to stay on the hook.. Oh well, they...
  10. Hot Spots Charters 3/29-Captain Tyler

    Inshore Charter Reports
    What a beautiful day on Pensacoal Bay!! I had the pleasure of taking Charles and his family from New Orleans today. We started out in the Pass catching a few sheepshead but the Current was blasting in so we went out in the Gulf to look for a redfish with no luck.. There were a few Spanish just...
  11. Hot Spots Charters-Captain Tyler 3/19

    Inshore Charter Reports
    Today I had the pleasure of taking a repeat customer of mine, Mark Faulkner and his son Sam. With the wind blowing pertty hard out of the north I decided to have them meet at the 17th ave boat ramp to make the treck to the pass a little more comfortable. We started out at the jetty and caught a...
  12. Hot Spots Charters-Captain Tyler 3/16

    Inshore Reports
    Today I was joined by 3 long time friends from Boston. They all just turned 40 so they decided to make a guys trip to Pensacola Beach. We started out the day at the south Jetty and picked up a few sheepshead for dinner then headed after the redfish. They were chewing today!! We caught around 25...
  13. Hot Spots Charters-Captain Tyler 3/15

    Inshore Reports
    This morning the weather was absoutly perfect! Slick calm and not a breath of wind! My morning trip I guided Terry from Louisiana and two of his friends. We started off at the south Jetty which was a little crowded today and caught a few sheepshead. We then moved on to chase some redfish! We...
  14. Hot Spots Charters-Captain Tyler 3/14

    Inshore Reports
    Today I fished both morning and afternoon! The bite was pretty consistant throught out the day. The first trip of the day was a Family from Texas. Chad, Angie and their two daughters joined me and this was the first fishing experience for all the girls! They caught Sheepshead and some huge...
  15. Hot Spots Charters~Captain Tyler 3/13

    Inshore Reports
    Today was filled with plenty if action! I guided a return customer of mine and a few of his friends. We started out at the south jetty and found a good spot and started hooking sheepshead and redfish pretty well! After about an hr of non stop action and crowding of the spot we started fishing...