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  1. Hunting styles

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    So after receiving some information, since I am new to hunting, from my last post I have another question. Is it better to go into a WMA and find a nice spot where there is hog activity and sit down waiting for them or to follow the tracks and signs until you see them? As I stated in my last...
  2. How to hunt hogs during daytime?

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    Quick question - Florida Department of Wildlife states that no hunting is allowed at night on public land. Hogs are nocturnal. Do I just pay to get access to private land, or has anyone had success during the day?
  3. eglin dog hog hunt

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    this is new right? i have never read about this. who has dogs and needs help? i know where the hogs are but its so thick it is impossible to get through wellll i cant seem to get a pic to upload but anyway, sometime in may choctaw and jackson are opening up for dog hog hunts. i was trying to...
  4. Hunt Clubs Panhandle

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    Hey guys, I just moved to the Pensacola area. I did a lot of hog hunting in Central Florida and I was hoping to find somewhere that'd let me run my dogs somewhere in this area. I say this first because I'm also a big deer hunter, but anywhere that I'd consider I'd want to be able to hunt hog...
  5. Hunting Opportunity

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    I've been in the Pcola area for about 5 years now and unfortunately have not had good experiences with hunting opportunities in the local area. When I first got here I went door to door asking if people would mind allowing me to hunt their land.... turns out people are not too receptive of...