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  1. Inshore Reports
    I recently spent several days in Panama City preparing for the Florida Pro Redfish Series Tournament and had some pretty phenomenal luck during prefishing. Tournament day conditions were completely different but I did catch lots of small reds and my partner caught tarpon with a top water Unfair...
  2. Safety
    I am planning a trip to the Florida Keys and I know that there was a lot of damage (both to land and water) caused by Hurricane Irma. I just got an e-mail update from Navionics showing a bunch of updates to those areas. Since I am not familiar with the area here are a couple before and after...
  3. General Discussion
    I was running across Escambia Bay at what I thought was a pretty safe distance from the shoreline (I run a Hewes that drafts 10") and my shallow water alert on my Simrad went off and I was suddenly in less than two feet of water. Here is the screen shot showing it on my Navionics Chart using the...
1-3 of 3 Results