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  1. Inshore Mentor?

    Kayak Forum
    Hey everyone, So I've recently upgraded from my dinky lake and creek beater kayak to the new Ascend 133x kayak. I've dumped quite a bit of money into it, mainly because I've waited years to upgrade and figured I'd treat myself lol. But now with a much nicer yak, I'd really like to make a...
  2. Advice For New Rod and Reel Combo

    General Discussion
    A couple years ago I got hooked on saltwater fishing. It started out with cheap walmart spincast combos from a dock in the bay, to deep sea and pier fishing. I purchased a Penn Senator 113H2 and haven't had much luck with it! It is way too big and hard to cast off of the pier or from the shore...
  3. i need to know the basics

    Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    So i have been down here for a year now. been fishing the whole time and the only thing i really caught (with the exception of pinfish and trout) is 2 bull reds. i would like to know how to fish in florida so i can actually catch something other then bait. also i am in the process of purchasing...