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help needed

  1. Inshore Mentor?

    Kayak Forum
    Hey everyone, So I've recently upgraded from my dinky lake and creek beater kayak to the new Ascend 133x kayak. I've dumped quite a bit of money into it, mainly because I've waited years to upgrade and figured I'd treat myself lol. But now with a much nicer yak, I'd really like to make a...
  2. New to Fishing Panama City Beach Area

    General Discussion
    Hey guys! I was wondering if you could give me any tips or tricks to fishing the Panama City Beach Area. I am staying the weekend in St. Andrews state park and am planning to do a bunch of fishing. I know with the heat, the early mornings and late evenings will be my best times. I have a couple...
  3. Son and I new to fishing please help!!!

    Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    Hello all, my son and I have just got into fishing in the area and have no access to either a boat or kayak to go places other than shore or piers. We have had no luck recently with our first 5 fishing trips and always come home upset because of it. No matter what we do we cant seem to catch...
  4. Fishing for shark in destin help

    Surf Fishing - General Q & A
    I'm going to destin may 12th for a week and want to catch some shark I have a 12' rod with a fin nor 9500 reel I will be casting my bait Any and all advice welcome what kind of line, bait, tackle, and any other advice. Also looking to set up another rod Any suggestions?
  5. Need wise counsel

    Piers and Bridges - General Q & A
    I am about to re-spool my reels for fishing off the piers in and around Pensacola. We are coming down for a week and have friends with us who have never caught a fish. I really want them to have a good time. What line should I use for both light and med. reels? I am looking for weight and type...
  6. NEW to the Kayak world! Needing Tips!

    Kayak Forum
    To All, Hello. I am just getting into the Kayak scene and am interested in purchasing my first Kayak. Does anyone have any advice or tips on what to look for when buying my first yak? I will be doing freshwater fishing and kayaking off it. Maybe will go to the bay every now and then but not...