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  1. Offshore Reports
    Video - He measured 35 inches long and weighed anywhere from 15-20 lbs We went offshore fishing last Sunday and had an awesome day as we limited out on snapper and got 10 mingos along with it! I hooked up on the biggest bonita I have ever seen and it sure did put up a good fight! Make sure...
  2. General Discussion
    Can anyone offer suggestions on getting 6 Pack REEF and PELAGIC permits for the GOM? If anyone knows of anyone that has them, has them for sale or is getting out of the business and wants to sell theirs. My phone number is 601-938-7161. Email: [email protected] I would like to get...
  3. General Discussion
    On Sunday we dove the 3 barges and the bridge rubble right next to it. While I was looking for grouper under stuff, I saw a couple of lionfish. I was just wondering if anybody else has been seeing them this close in.. Kinda scary.
  4. Offshore Reports
    Tiger Sharks prowl both the in-shore and open waters of the Gulf of Mexico and are tireless feeders that can attack anything, everything, anytime, anywhere. They are tenacious, acrobatic, and terribly strong when hooked providing even seasoned big-game fishermen a test of skill. The Tiger...
1-4 of 4 Results