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  1. Son's first Youtube video

    Kayak Forum
    Andrew worked his buttocks off for the money to get this used GoPro camera and got to use it Sat, then made this short fun little video check it out:))
  2. Best mount for GoPro camera

    Gear Reviews and Q&A
    Hey guys been looking at the forum for a long time but just joined and this is my first thread! Any suggestions on the best way to mount a GoPro for underwater videos? I've tried the gun mount and mounted to old bicycle helmet... only complaints with these two is I don't like to aim my loaded...
  3. gopro prices

    Forum Discounts and Promos....
    How much do you normally pay for a gopro
  4. Pensacola Reef from the water

    General Scuba Chat
    Went out there today to look for some Spanish. Didn't see any, but am I wrong or are these small AJs?:confused1: Weird to see them in so close to shore. I also saw a few Bluefish swimming around. The viz was not good at all maybe 12feet and very murky. The video is a lot clearer on my PC. I'm...