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  1. Flounder Gigging
    Is it legal to gig a red or other type of game fish while wading with lights for flounder? The opportunity has arose on multiple occasions and was curious if it is ok to gig a red on a dock or something like that.
  2. Flounder Gigging
    Hi guys, Im currently in the army and will be ETSing back to OB in 60 days. Was wondering if any of you could enlighten me on the gigging action around there. Family moved from Daulphin Island to there while i was overseas so i am clueless. Thanks in advanced.:thumbup:
  3. Flounder Gigging
    Hey guys, I just got back from trying to gig around the coast guard station, and only have 1 medium flounder to show for it. I am new to gigging but I really want to get into it more! If anyone could maybe give me some tips, areas, and what to look for. I have heard that it is good "east...
  4. Flounder Gigging
    If you are looking or if you are thinking about purchasing a new frog or flounder gig we would like for you to check out We sell quality stainless steel gigs that last, we also offer several gig pole adapters. Check Us Out! We welcome your feedback so please use...
  5. Flounder Gigging
    I just inherited a 1436 jon boat. It came with an old 9.5 johnson and ive spent alot of time workin on it, but it's got sentimental value, so i don't mind. It's never going to compare to some of the boat builds on here, but I figured I would post pictures of the project. The ultimate goal is to...
  6. Flounder Gigging
    Who has the best flounder gigging lights for gigging on foot? I don't want something too big (no 12 volt battery and bucket you have to drag). I need something compact and handheld. I have seen several on ebay but want to get some input. LED Adventures has a light but it's over $200...
  7. Flounder Gigging
    I really want to try gigging out, it sounds like a great time. However, I really have no idea how to do it? Could you guys give me some tips? Any info about gear, spots and general technique would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  8. Flounder Gigging
    The wife wants to go to Destin for a couple of days but the kids and I want to go fishing. I used to catch flounder as a kid up in New Brunswick Canada and had a blast. I wanted to take the kids floundering while in Florida. Is there a decent area that I could take the kids to gig some...
1-8 of 8 Results