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  1. Gag and snapper in the lagoon

    Inshore Reports
    I caught a couple gags (one at 29" and one at 21 boooo) this weekend in the lagoon (from the beach). Some other guys came by in kayaks and caught quite a few nice snapper yesterday. I didn't take a pic of the 21" before I released it, but I will get on my phone to post a pic of the 29".
  2. Big tampa bay grouper!!

    Offshore Reports From Out Of The Area
    My sons very first big gag grouper out of tampa bay!
  3. How much do you guys think this gag weighs?

    Offshore Fishing - General Q & A
    On my sons first deep sea fishing trip he caught this nice gag and was wonderhing how much it weighs, I cant tell. Maybe you guys can help. Here is a video of the fish so you can get an idea of the size.
  4. Gag Grouper and Snapper Closed, now what?

    General Discussion
    Going out this weekend but with gag and red snapper closed, bottom fishing may suck because of throwing everything back. Anyone have any info about trolling the 29 edge? How does the water look?