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  1. Help Plan My Date Night!

    General Discussion
    I need your help fellas!! Trying to keep my boat! lol. Been in Pensacola for about 3 years now. It took this long to talk the wife into allowing me to get a boat. Now I need to wine and dine her on it this Friday and I have no idea where to go. We will be launching Friday morning and making...
  2. Pensacola boating hang outs

    Forum Bash's and Get Togethers
    Hi everyone. I am new to boating and would love to find out all of the hang out spots for me, my wife and young son. We found sand island last week and would like to know where else we can go on the weekends to hang out with other boaters and families. I would like to keep it kinda close to the...
  3. 10 Must Have Jerk Baits

    General Discussion
    So here is the list of the 10 Must Have Jerkbaits. Are they in your tackle box? What do you think of the list?
  4. So How much turkey did everyone eat?

    Off Topic
    I prob took down about 3lbs of food in about 40 min. Felt like I was going to die. LOL:thumbup:
  5. From South Again Charters

    Inshore Reports
    Check out what Capt Brad King has to say at :thumbup: