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  1. Freediving
    Ok, so until yesterday I did not even know you could get certified for freediving. After a two hour drive to my favorite fresh water diving spot, Vortex Springs, I was told that I could not freedive unless I provided proof of certification. I was told it had to do with people going down and...
  2. Spearfishing
    Hey guys, I will be heading down to Pensacola in about a month and a half to go to school for 4-5 months. Looking to link up with some of you who enjoy freedive spearfishing as much as i do. I would love to get out there and target some big AJ's and Cobia. Hitting some Oil Rigs would be a...
  3. Spearfishing
    Okay, so I am relatively new to the way of the spearo, so I would like some tips. Every winter I freedive in the sound for sheepshead so I would like to try my luck in the gulf this snapper season. Anyway, today I decided to dive the gulf side Navarre reef (not a single fish on it btw) to...
1-3 of 3 Results