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  1. General Discussion
    New to the forum and going to be in Fort Walton beach for a week in early April. Wondering if anyone has suggestions for a rookie to try and harvest some oysters in Choctawhatchee bay? Thank you
  2. Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    Sorry to vent on my first post but here it is. 8th of May 4:30-5:00 PM I was fishing the sound across and west Liza Jackson Boat Ramp. I was between a Small Island and a Big Island knowing the flow would pull some bait through. First Cast a trout It's going to be a good afternoon! Then I looked...
  3. Flounder Gigging
    Hey guys, I just got back from trying to gig around the coast guard station, and only have 1 medium flounder to show for it. I am new to gigging but I really want to get into it more! If anyone could maybe give me some tips, areas, and what to look for. I have heard that it is good "east...
1-3 of 3 Results