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  1. General Discussion
    Does anyone know how the fishing will be Saturday and Sunday from Fort Pickens to the Navarre Bridge? I am new to the area and would love tips on spots to fish in those areas and or either of the bays.
  2. Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    Hello guys and gals, I am planning on going out to fort pickens on the morning of Dec. 19th and was wondering if anyone had a report on what was biting and what to use. Thank you all!
  3. Surf Fishing Reports
    So I have this awesome camping trip planned for ft pickens thur-sun. Had it planned since Jan. The weather is looking pretty serious for those days. Whats my chances of getting stranded out there with the road flooding? Anyone know? Doubt my little tent will hold up w what they are predicting...
  4. Surf Fishing - General Q & A
    Hey everyone. I've been surfing these forums for a week or so trying to learn a little more about surf fishing. I am a descent fresh water fisherman from AL. I have an adventure planned next month to Fort Pickens campground. We're going to ruff it in a tent. Should be a blast! I've gotten a...
  5. Surf Fishing Reports
    new to fishing. Been surf fishing once. let me tell ya, went through the golden gates and surf fishing was there! loaded up on the essentials at Gander on Wednesday hoping to hit Fort Pickens this morning. any red tide news?
  6. General Discussion
    Anybody know if Fort Pickens Road is open yet?
  7. Surf Fishing Reports
    Headed out to the beach at around 3:30pm and set up my poles. Didn't catch anything for 3 hours. I was surf fishing with sandfleas, hoping to catch some pompano. I started to pack up my stuff and reeled in one of my lines to start to head home, when I saw my other pole suddenly start to bow...
1-7 of 7 Results