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  1. Catching trout just north of Char

    Inshore Reports From Out Of The Area
    Hi guys. First post for folks traveling to Charleston SC area looking to fish. went last Thursday and the tide was high around ten am. We get six foot tides here and unless you’ve got a flats boat the Redfish are tough to get on. However, we did manage to find some trout on a flat and some...
  2. Bob Sykes Report

    Piers and Bridges - Reports
    Went to Bob Sykes Bridge from about 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm yesterday. Caught 5 Flounder, 4 Mangrove Snapper, 1 Grouper....all but two snapper were too small and had to throw back. Using 2" finger mullet. Wind and current taking the baits under the main bridge. People using 2" LY's were not...
  3. Looking for inshore commercial fishermen in NWFL

    General Discussion
    I'm looking to connect with some inshore commercial fishermen in the region — especially those harvesting flounder and white trout. Any referrals would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Flounder Lights and Boat Lights US

    Flounder Gigging
    Just wanted to let everyone know we are now proud sponsors of Pensacola Fishing Forum. For a quick introduction, we manufacture flounder fishing lights in Florida that are available in bait shops and for purchase online. Please check us out at Our team grew up in...
  5. Santa Rosa Sound pier fishing?

    Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    Will be pier fishing with my son next week on the south side of the sound (across from Oriole Beach)... any advice for bait/rigs, best times of day/night, etc? Looking for flounder or specs but willing to catch anything that bites! Thanks for any advice
  6. Local Fish Art

    Various Items For Sale.
    Hey y'all--my last two paintings available from the holiday season are ON SALE! 18x24in original watercolors. I have a marlin and a flounder, originally listed for $135 and $125. I've reduced the prices to $100 each OBO! Happy New Year! I am also willing to work a deal to sell both together as a...
  7. Fish Art From Local Fishergirl

    Various Items For Sale.
    Hey y'all! I am a local artist and fishergal who loves to paint custom fish art! I can paint any fish you like and take orders year round. I normally do an 18x24in size and can even create a fish painting to commemorate a special catch by adding handwritten details such as the...
  8. Gigging Game Fish While Flounder Gigging

    Flounder Gigging
    Is it legal to gig a red or other type of game fish while wading with lights for flounder? The opportunity has arose on multiple occasions and was curious if it is ok to gig a red on a dock or something like that.
  9. Orange Beach Gigging?

    Flounder Gigging
    Hi guys, Im currently in the army and will be ETSing back to OB in 60 days. Was wondering if any of you could enlighten me on the gigging action around there. Family moved from Daulphin Island to there while i was overseas so i am clueless. Thanks in advanced.:thumbup:
  10. Navarre Bridge Report 9/28/13 - Flounder everywhere!

    Piers and Bridges - Reports
    Went to navarre bridge today just to get away from the house, it was a little windy when I got there but it was a pretty good day. After catching some finger sized pinfish, I rigged up 2 rods with shrimp and 1 rod with pinfish. After about 20 minutes waiting and messing around with snapper...
  11. Navarre Bridge Report 9/19/13

    Piers and Bridges - Reports
    Went out to navarre bridge after soaking baits awhile at shalimar bridge, caught nada at shalimar bridge. The spanish mackerel didn't even bite on my gotchas so I went to navarre bridge. I started out catching some schoolie jacks on crappie jigs then caught some pinfish to throw on a knocker rig...
  12. Navarre Bridge Report 9/14/13

    Piers and Bridges - Reports
    Great day at the bridge today, lots of good fish. Got out at about 7 o'clock and right off the bat caught 7 big mangroves. A little while later caught a flounder. Then around 8 o'clock the seatrout bit got hot and caught 3 nice seatrout on live pinfish. Then about 2 hours later I caught a big...
  13. Navarre Bridge Report 9/7/13

    Piers and Bridges - Reports
    Wen't to the bridge today around 8 o'clock in the morning and caught some nice fish. From about 8 to 9 o'clock the mangrove snapper bite is pretty hot. It's too bad you can't keep them because the contaminated water. All day we were catching jack crevalle and needlefish. They were busting...
  14. Navarre Bridge Report 8/19/13

    Piers and Bridges - Reports
    Wen't out today to catch some mangroves and flounder, caught some mangroves but only 2 keepers. Also caught a keeper flounder along with the mangroves. Knocker rigs with 20lb mono leader gets the job done for the flounder. You can also find some big trout there along with black drum right know...
  15. Destin/Fort Walton Gigging?

    Flounder Gigging
    Hey guys, I just got back from trying to gig around the coast guard station, and only have 1 medium flounder to show for it. I am new to gigging but I really want to get into it more! If anyone could maybe give me some tips, areas, and what to look for. I have heard that it is good "east...
  16. Flounder and Frog Gigging Equipment

    Flounder Gigging
    If you are looking or if you are thinking about purchasing a new frog or flounder gig we would like for you to check out We sell quality stainless steel gigs that last, we also offer several gig pole adapters. Check Us Out! We welcome your feedback so please use...
  17. Flounder Gigging Lights

    Flounder Gigging
    Who has the best flounder gigging lights for gigging on foot? I don't want something too big (no 12 volt battery and bucket you have to drag). I need something compact and handheld. I have seen several on ebay but want to get some input. LED Adventures has a light but it's over $200...
  18. help with flounder?

    Inshore Fishing - General Q&A
    I have been fishing ever since I was 3. I have caught all the usual fish around our area (pensacola bay,pass, gulf). I have been trying to catch flounder for the past two years. I have been to catfish basin garcon point and all throughout blackwater. i have been to 3 mile and fished many grass...
  19. New to Giging

    Flounder Gigging
    I really want to try gigging out, it sounds like a great time. However, I really have no idea how to do it? Could you guys give me some tips? Any info about gear, spots and general technique would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  20. Escambia Bay 7-8

    Inshore Reports
    We launched at the river before daylight and ran to the south part of the bay. We started in an area that is usually good, but I had not fished it in a while. It took about 2 casts to figure out they were there. Nice trout on the skitterwalk. We caught several at the first spot and then started...