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  1. Offshore Reports
    It was another great trip on the gulf. We headed out to the edge to catch some kings and a hoo. Rudy wanted to get some kings before he headed back to Texas. The kings were so thick at times the bait could just hit the water and instant hook up. we filled up the cooler quick. went for a troll...
  2. General Discussion
    I bought a boat last year from a guys family (the owner had passed away). I erased all the GPS fishing numbers in the Radar unit but, before I did I took photos of them. Here are the numbers for anyone fishing out of Mobile, Alabama Pass. Good Luck to you all. I fish in Florida and I can't use...
  3. General Discussion
    What kind of fishing sinker are you using? I found 2 and , i just wondered that what is the differences between them besides their...
  4. General Discussion
    I have been working with WFN to create some short videos about fishing in the Pensacola area. More on the way but here is a link to a page containing the ones WFN has posted so far. You may recognize some of the local anglers who have helped me so far. WFN VIDEOS
  5. Inshore Reports
    We have been fishing many times at pickens, caught alot of fish but nothing like this. I decided to listen to a friend of mine, Redfish Dewane at HHTackle. He gave me a few tips, When we got to pickes pier My rod wasnt in the water for 20 mins with a chunk of mullet, on my 209 Rino when BAM, she...
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    Sorry Sold