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  1. 11/6 - Pensacola Bay - Flatty Fishing Report

    Flounder Gigging
    Sorry for the late post; weather was going to be bad this weekend anyway, so no harm, no foul... 2 for 2. 2.5lb and a 4.5lb flatty. Both travelers (red belly) Still very slow out there and 2 fish in 4 hours makes for a long evening. Water clarity is bad out by Ft. Pickens due to...
  2. Sheephead!!!

    Piers and Bridges - Reports
    I will be fishing around the Fort Morgan and Gulf Shores area this week. I want to do some sheephead fishing. I will be fishing from shore. First question: how deep of water will I need to find to catch sheephead? 2nd Question: Does anyone have any " under, so in so bridge, i caught some...
  3. Need a fishing report 1/20/12 - 1/23/12

    General Discussion
    Ok I am in need of a fishing report for bays and rivers near Pensacola and Milton. I have been having trouble finding stripers and it seems as if the sheephead are very finicky so far this year. Is this up and down weather causing a bad winter fishing season? Should I just look forward to cobia...