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  1. Kayak Forum
    I’ve been fishing reservoirs with conventional tackle out of a pedal drive kayak for about the last month, and so far the pedals are far superior to paddling for this application. I do have two questions for situations I haven’t fished yet: 1) When fishing rivers, do you still use the pedal...
  2. Kayaks for Sale
    Looking for a good used 12' to 14' fishing kayak. High weight capacity. Malibu, Ocean Kayak, Jackson, etc.,. Thanks.
  3. Kayaks for Sale
    Hi. I am on the hunt for a fishing kayak. I would like to get a 12 ft sit on top. It will be for my brother and I have a budget of $300-$350. I am in the Milton/Pace area but would be willing to travel (within reason). My email is [email protected] Thanks!
1-3 of 4 Results