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  1. Offshore Charter Reports
    It's been a while since I've posted, so here's one. A Retired US Army Officer wanted to go Shark Fishing, so Shark Fishing we went.... We caught ARS, Kings, Spanish, Cobia (Small ones), Lady Fish, Blue Fish, they got to watch the dolphins RIPPING into the lady and Blue fish they were simply just...
  2. Offshore Charter Reports
    Couple trips in here Enjoy the pictures and Video! We are covered up in Black Tips right now! We did manage a nice Tiger, but it was to dark for a picture…… There is a BIG one out there, one of the 5 footers was chewed up pretty good….. hummmmm…… (Video!)
  3. Networking Forum
    When this wind slows down and the seas calm, our Sharks are going to be on FIRE!:thumbup:
  4. Networking Forum
    It getting to be my season...... See more Pics and Videos at I'll be twittering this year as well -- Follow @CaptFatJax for Live Action! (When in cell range)
1-5 of 5 Results